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Can you smell it?
That's the wood
chips aroma
in the riding ground
and clowns are laughing
and children are
happy and joyful
then the clown
is coming again
to show the jester's craft.

Can you see the courage
of the artists in the dome
courageously flying
with a smile
and children in the front
are rolling their eyes
and clapping their hands.

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Edward Bass was born in the year of 1888. His father determined him to take over the management of a modest workshop. However, can a talented boy be interested in production of brushes and other equipment ? At that time he was cought by books and diverse world around the art and artists.

When he was twenty-two, Edward Schmidt - that was his real civil surname - renamed himself to Edward Bass and started to star in a small cabaret "Na Poříčí" to his parents grief.

In the year of 1941 the biggest Bass' masterpiece "Circus Humberto" came out. Then it was also the cycle "People from trailers".

He died on October 2nd, 1946.



Since 1951 the current state enterprise The Czechoslovakian circuses, music halls and fairgrounds Prague was renamed after Edward Bass. In this way, the circus Humberto came into existence, which still kerves villages and towns of the Czech and Slovak Republic and abroad.

Since 1993, the brothers Bohumil and Hynek Navratils have become the owners of the circus.


The circus has become the property of the Navratils and bears the name Humberto. It travels around the Czech motherland.


Until the legal mattters concerning the name Humberto are settled,in this year it travelled using the name King in the Czech Rep.


The name Humberto becomes officially the property of the Navratils and it tours in the Czech Rep.

1996 - 1998

Humberto tours the homeland.


This season it toured Romania.

2000 - 2004

CThe circus is home again after a short break.


The circus travels to Slovakia after a long period of time.

2006 - 2007

Proving a great success, it continues to tour Slovakia.


Circus Humberto has toured many countries through its existence - Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Middle Asia, Sibera, Germany, France, Holland and others.

The worst experiences that the circus had to go through during tour of the Soviet Union should be mentioned. There was an excellent audience but travelling to the parts of this country from Asia up to Siberia was drastic. At that time the journeys lasted up to twenty days in train cars with no hygienic facilities and no possibility to eat or feed. The idea of this kind of travel with an elephant is beyond imagination. In -45 minus degrees C, the elephant's legs became swollen, feeding the animals could only be possible at some train stations, water was carried by hand to the cars and before you reach it, the water became frozen.

On the contrary, the journey to Buchara under their own steam in 40 -45 degrees plus heat when the road was sand and it took up to seven hours. The Navratils family would never desire to go through these experiences again.

Not earlier than 1991, after the political regime changed, the tradition of the circus Humbersto started to recover again from the beginning as before the nationalization. New opportunities to travel around all countries with no trouble opened up. It could be re-built in the tradition of its fore-bears. We strongly believe that the circus Humberto will bring up its craft to the top of the world level with the help of the visitors who are fond of the circus in the homeland as well as abroad.

It is not and will not be an easy way since it has no support, financial or material, and is dependent only on audiences on whose financial means the circus is operated.



  • Mezinárodní festival MASSY v Paříži - bronzová a zlatá medaile za drezúru lvů BOBEM NAVARRO
  • A certificate to record and entry the Book of Records of circus and vauderville art
  • The first trainer Bohumil Navrátil who baptized Pavel Bobek's CD with his pack of lions in circus Humberto
  • Karel Navratil is a holder of the title of the Republic champion in juggling with eight rings


In 1988 Czechoslovakian television made a 12-part series CIRCUS HUMBERTO based on the novel by the writer Edward Bass (b. 1.1. 1888 - d. 2.10. 1946). Edward Bass was travelling with the circus for at least two years while working on his novel and the experiences desribed in the book are authentic. The lions performed in the films QUO VADIS SATURNIN, video-clip MYLENE FARMER was shot, the members of the family were guests in shows Star of menage, Televarieté, in tv commercials, GALAPRESS FRANCE, in fairy-tales and other tv programs.

History of circus Humberto